Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fasten Your Seat Belts!!!

Nearly a MONTH between posts is simply NOT acceptable Miss McCrary!  Since no one is talking TO ME, I'll talk to myself!  Is anyone else hanging on by their well-manicured TOENAILS???  Between trainings, testings, parent conferences, grades, meetings, and is your PLANNING coming?  That's the part that I feel suffers when I'm flying by the seat of my pants.  You too?  I'm working on getting hold of my time management.  My new mantra is ONE DAY AT A TIME.  Take a deep breath.  What must you accomplish TODAY?

I've gotta go breathe now.  And blow my nose.  Then sleep.


  1. Yes, Linda, I'm right there with ya!! I feel like this year every free moment is taken by SOMETHING! And if I'm not in a meeting, I'm doing something to plan for it. I feel like I'm not doing enough for my students and that makes me sad! Still teaching the same stuff, but I can't put the same energy that I did last year. I need to back up and refocus! That is my new goal!

  2. Our district implemented CScope this year, to keep all teachers on the same page at the same time. It's challenge for many of the teachers.

    Oh, and we have a new superintendent.

    Oh, and a new vice-principal (a month into school).

    And while the teachers seemed to be on their very last good nerve, they anonymously donated about $250 to buy books for poor kids at Book Fair two weeks ago. (An envelope with $20 in it here, overpaying by $15 there, slipping a $5 bill to me or Kirsten in the hallway...our teachers do MORE with LESS and still have a generosity of spirit that inspires!)

    School librarian is the best job on the planet--with the kindest people. (Oh, and our principal just sent out an email, saying that our campus was the only secondary campus in the district to receive Gold Performance Acknowledgment in Reading. Yippee!)

  3. Way to hang in there Kim! I like your decision to back up and refocus. You care about your kids and want the best, but man, some days, it is completely overwhelming, isn't it?

    Kristy, Congrats on your Reading Acknowledgment! That's major! And how heart-warming the reaction of your teachers, and their generous spirit in the face of more, more, and MORE being required of them. Sad to hear about the new program which is aiming for what sounds like scripted learning! It's hard to imagine how we can FOLLOW the NEEDS of our students while being required to offer cookie-cutter learning. You would think...well, never don't want to get me started on this one!!!! I'd be preaching to the choir anyway!

    Thanks for the comments ladies!