Sunday, February 27, 2011


Don't let the recently passed Valentines "season" be the only time we tell our students that we care!  Encouragement is so important for all of us.  There is no better way to get all-out effort from your students than to let them know we BELIEVE in them!  This week is an important one for Texas 4th graders, as they will take their state writing test.  I've come to a school this year that has so many standing traditions in place to encourage their writers.  Besides the excellent instruction the students receive from their dedicated writing teacher, there has been a writers' conference complete with guest speakers, as well as a Valentines writers tea.  But I think my favorite activity so far is the way each school employee from cafeteria workers to administration "adopts" 1 or more 4th graders to which they will write an encouraging note.  Just before the test, each 4th grader will receive more than one friendly message from an adult they respect telling them, YOU CAN DO IT!  Admit it.  We ALL need to hear that from time to time!

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