Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Introductions for Early Readers

When introducing a new book to your early readers, it's important to make the introduction effective.  An effective book introduction will set your students up for success with the reading of the book. The following elements of book introduction will help ensure success for you and your students.

1. Read the title and tell the basic premise of the story in one or two sentences.

    "This book is about..."

2. Make connections.

    "This book reminds me of..."
    "Think about a time when..."

3. Make predictions.

    "Look at the front cover and tell me what you think might happen..."

4. Guided picture walk.

    Use the language in the text.  Locate unusual vocabulary.  Stick to the story line.

5. Grab the readers attention!

    "I'm curious! Let's read to find out what happens..."

And remember...Our goal is to coach students so they can read a variety of
texts at their particular level. Our goal is not to "teach the book."

Happy Book Introductions!!

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