Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Writing Conferences

Dear Writing Teachers,
Are you aware that almost all of your writing instruction
happens during your one-on-one writing conferences?
Sure, your mini-lesson is important and reaches a
larger audience.  But the real "MEAT" of your teaching
will come during your individual conferences with students.
This is when you are face-to-face speaking writer-to-writer!
In the Calkins/Hartman/White book, One to One, you can
read about 4 suggested steps to include in a writing conference.
As I coach teachers I give them a pink card with the 4 parts
written (below) to take around the room with them as they

Research: This part is when you observe and analyze what the student is doing as a writer. It is also important at this point to compliment your student on what they've done well.
Decide: Decide what you want to teach your student during this conference and how you will teach it.
Teach: You will teach what you've decided will get this student to the next step in their writing.
Link: Remind student what they have done well as a writer and remind them to do this in the future.

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