Saturday, September 25, 2010

Talk Talk Talk and more Talk

I love to talk!  If you are a teacher it's highly likely that YOU like to talk!  But don't forget to let the students in your classroom TALK!  It is essential that the students have the opportunity to communicate  orally.  Arrange meaningful conversation opportunities.  If your students are English Language Learners
this is doubly important.

Take a look at this piece of an article I found regarding ELL learners:

"Language involves four skills of listening, speaking, reading and writing. Oral skill is learned through listening and imitating. Then by repeated practice and exposure one learns to speak one’s language.
Usually children are able to express emotions, feelings, intentions and reactions very easily in their mother tongue. They are unable to do the same in English language. They have little practice in English. Controlled and guided activities are not provided to the learners.
The children will be able to develop oral skills in English by practicing the wide range of skills mentioned below.
1. Class room English
2. Telling Stories ( Story Telling)
3. Creating situations for dialogue
4. Language games & activities
5. Use of language in social gatherings
6. Conducting Interviews &
7. Telephonic Conversation."

Don't forget about your ELPS flip chart (Texas teachers).  It is full of ideas!
I have things to do now, please come back sometime soon!

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