Sunday, October 10, 2010

Educating In A Multicultural Society

An interesting blurb I found on another site.  Something to think about?

As technology continues to shrink our world, teachers must realize that they are educating students as citizens of not only a multicultural society, but a multicultural world. In fact, if we students, as future leaders, are to transform our world, then teachers have to teach for social change.
Sometimes, it seems that individuals would rather associate multiculturalism with songs, dances, foods, and other "safe" symbols than situate the word within the context of unequal power relations.
Do we have the confidence to let students teach themselves and the intuition to identify and capitalize on learning moments in the classroom when students can learn from each other? Teachers need to create spaces in which teachers and students can exchange ideas candidly. I have learned most from my interactions with my teachers and other students--and I have learned least from one-way transmissions of "knowledge." Passive learning is ineffective and short-term.

Are your students ACTIVE learners?

It's getting late...will go ponder this thought before bed...

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